Do you want to create a product that will conquer the professional beauty services market? At MG Evolution®, we have a proven method for this.

Cosmetics and medical products used in professional cosmetic and dermatological offices are significantly different from those commonly found in drugstores. Their specially formulated ingredients make the intensity of the impact and penetration into the skin much greater compared to home care cosmetics.

Effective formulation of professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics are created with a specific skin problem in mind. Therefore, at MG Evolution®, the formulations of professional products are developed by technologists and cosmetologists with practical professional experience. This ensures that the selection of active ingredients is based on both knowledge and practical experience. Appropriate concentrations of individual substances will affect the effectiveness of the preparations.

Comprehensive care

Specialized in-office care is based on comprehensive treatment procedures. By creating a complete treatment line containing cleansing products, makeup removers, masks, ampoules, and creams, you can be sure that the products will meet the expectations of your target group. Not without reason, our team includes cosmetologists. They are the first to support technologists in assessing the effectiveness of the developed formulations and then create individual rituals and treatment procedures. Furthermore, our specialists can create a perfectly tailored line of complementary cosmetics for home care. Such tailored home care significantly enhances the brand’s prestige and demonstrates its holistic approach to skincare.

Establish a strong position in the professional cosmetics market

The development of the cosmetics industry leads to the creation of increasingly modern formulations. Our technologists constantly monitor changing trends and seek new innovative solutions, thanks to which your product will stand out from the competition. From experience, we know that to achieve a strong position in the beauty market, a good product is needed, backed by research and appropriate marketing messaging. By collaborating with our laboratory, you can be sure that we will plan and conduct all the necessary tests for your products, including in vitro and in vivo testing. In turn, our marketing specialists will conduct market trend research and carefully plan the promotion of your new products.

MG Evolution’s technical infrastructure

MG Evolution® is a laboratory with modern technical facilities, including high-quality devices from the Urliński brand. We provide an individual and flexible approach to each project. With our own research and development laboratory as well as a physico-chemical laboratory, we guarantee comprehensive support at all stages of cooperation.

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