Bet on anti-aging cosmetics

For several years, we have been observing a dynamic development of the cosmetic market in Poland. The latest forecasts prepared by PMR confirm this trend and even predict an unprecedented dynamics in the cosmetic market in 2022, which we will observe. The newest report takes into account geopolitical and economic factors, including rising inflation, which affects the increase in prices of cosmetic products, thereby increasing the overall value of expenditures allocated for purchasing cosmetics. Additionally, the growing consumer awareness means that not only price is an important factor influencing purchasing decisions, but also the effectiveness and quality of products.

In the forecasts for the years 2023-2027, systematic increases in the value of the cosmetic market in Poland are still predicted.

Anti-aging cosmetics

The desire to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance makes anti-aging products constantly popular. Thanks to the development of biotechnological and cosmetic industries, modern technology allows us to create advanced cosmetic formulations. New active ingredients are used, showing effective and long-lasting anti-aging effects. Active substances in modern cosmetic products have increasingly absorbable forms and concentrations that allow for satisfying the action of the preparations. The most commonly encountered anti-aging cosmetics include creams, masks, and serums. Although they differ in consistency, composition, frequency, and method of application, their most important common feature is their anti-aging action.

Firstly, cream

Anti-aging creams are the first products that most people turn to when they observe signs of aging in their skin. They are defined as a type of cosmetic dedicated to the protection and care of the skin. They constitute an emulsion – a system composed of at least 2 immiscible liquids that are combined (one liquid is dispersed in the other liquid). The connection of two phases occurs – oily and watery, thus emulsions of the o/w or w/o type are created. Additionally, so-called multiple emulsions can be created, for example, w/o/w. Although there are many criteria by which we distinguish creams, among anti-aging creams, we can distinguish:

  • day anti-aging creams (characteristic feature: light solid emulsions),
  • night anti-aging creams (characteristic feature: thick, dense consistency),
  • eye anti-aging creams (characteristic feature: delicate form).

Ingredients in anti-aging creams

In creating formulations for anti-aging creams, the composition of moisturizing ingredients is the basis of the entire product. Complexes imitating the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), pyroglutamic acid salts, or hydroxy acid salts can be used, among others. The key component of a cream with anti-aging properties is the active ingredient. It is this ingredient that influences the reduction of signs of skin aging or prevents them. The most commonly used active ingredients in creams include hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamins, and peptides. The effectiveness of the cream also depends on the selection of substances that act as carriers for active substances. Modern carriers include, among others, biomimetic liposomes, which increase the effectiveness of releasing active substances in the right place and time.

A certain investment

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