Dermatological research: a standard or unnecessary procedure?

Currently, cosmetic regulations do not impose an absolute obligation on cosmetic manufacturers to conduct dermatological tests. This decision is voluntary or dictated by the recommendations of a safety assessor.

At MG Evolution, we have no doubts that dermatological testing is an integral element allowing the introduction of tested, safe, and effective cosmetic products to the market.

To exclude irritating and sensitizing properties of substances present in the cosmetic product, it undergoes the following diagnostic tests:

🔹 ROAT Tests,
🔹 Patch Tests, (naskórkowe testy płatkowe).


Repeated Open Application Tests (ROAT) involve short-term exposure of the skin to the test product without occlusion, at a specified frequency. There are many procedures and protocols using open tests to assess irritant effects. The ROAT test involves daily, repeated application of the allergen to the patient’s skin for 14 days. The purpose of the test is to determine whether the substance with a somewhat unknown composition is responsible for triggering an allergic reaction. Typically, a skin area in the crook of the elbow is chosen for applying the analyzed substance.

Patch Test

Testing of a specific preparation is done through a contact test, commonly known as patch tests. Patch tests are widely used to detect contact allergies. It involves applying the potential allergen to the skin of the subject, usually on their back. The results are read after a specified time or sequence of times to accurately determine if and when an allergic reaction occurred. Allergies may produce the first positive symptoms up to 24 hours after application, making continuous observation crucial. The subject’s reaction depends on the degree of sensitization and immunological factors involved in the reaction.

Thanks to the conducted dermatological tests, we can minimize the risk of allergic contact dermatitis, which is the most common manifestation of sensitizing properties in cosmetics.

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