The creation of a cosmetic product is a process that consists of many stages and requires the involvement of many specialists. It begins with the idea for the cosmetic, driven by the market niche, marketing trends, or the latest scientific research. Technologists are tasked with selecting appropriate ingredients, both base and active, in line with the product’s goals and properties, as well as legal requirements. Next, the formulation of the cosmetic must be composed, and laboratory tests conducted.

More information about the formulation stage can be found in the article ‘Cosmetic product design‘.

The final prototypes require approval from decision-makers, and once obtained, the research phase begins. At MG Evolution, we have our own physicochemical laboratory and also collaborate with accredited external laboratories. This allows us to conduct the necessary market-entry tests, such as stability and compatibility of the formulation with the packaging, microbiological purity, preservative tests, as well as applicational and confirming tests for the product’s properties declared on the packaging, and dermatological tests. For a product that has successfully passed all tests and examinations, a safety assessment is carried out, in which the Safety Assessor ultimately decides on the possibility of introducing the product to the market.

Simultaneously, marketing strategies are planned and implemented to promote the cosmetic in the market, work on external packaging designs, and sales activities for various national and international markets. In all these endeavors, MG Evolution is able to provide you with the necessary support.

A cosmetic product that has gone through all the stages described above is ready for production. For this purpose, the purchase of necessary materials—raw materials and packaging—is essential, followed by the production of the formulation and packaging. The product in the final packaging is tested for compliance with physicochemical and microbiological requirements, after which it is ready for distribution.