When making the decision to build a modern cosmetics factory, a crucial aspect for us was the selection of a trusted partner who would provide equipment for the production of high-quality cosmetic products. We conducted numerous discussions, focusing on suppliers from Western Europe. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to collaborate with the best. After a more detailed market analysis and reading references, we decided to also meet with the most renowned manufacturer of such equipment in Poland, namely Urliński Company.

We needed modern and reliable equipment that would meet the highest global standards. All these requirements were met by Urliński Company, which we chose from among many as the supplier for all process equipment in the MG Evolution factory. The opportunity to conduct technological tests in Urliński Company’s research and development laboratory confirmed our belief that we were dealing with professionals and the most advanced technologies for wet form production.

Urliński Company is the only manufacturer in Poland of machines and process equipment that has designed and implemented a full range of equipment in accordance with scale-up principles according to FDA standards. This enables us to easily implement newly developed formulas and technologies with the guarantee of consistent product quality. Well-equipped machinery provides us with flexibility and a wide range of technological possibilities, which is particularly important for us in contract manufacturing. Urliński Company is, above all, a team of technologists, designers, and engineers who do not follow a schematic approach, and they have given us the assurance of the most advanced solutions for the 21st century, never disappointing us. The entire machinery park was designed and produced with attention to the smallest details. Our partner’s over 30 years of experience convinced us to purchase many process lines tailored to our needs.