Designing a cosmetic product in MG Evolution

One of our main objectives is to provide our clients with a meticulously designed cosmetic product. Therefore, it is crucial for us to have a thorough understanding of the concept, principles, and vision of the cosmetic product you intend to launch. If you wish to create your product, we will request you to complete a product form – a document that will significantly expedite the process of working on the cosmetic product and will precisely outline your idea of how the product should look.

Your product idea – tell us what you expect

Once we receive the completed form from you, our specialists will analyze what solutions they can propose to you. With the information provided in the product form, we can efficiently develop a project tailored to your needs – including its color, scent, and form – whether it’s classic or if you want to surprise your audience with something new and innovative.

It’s crucial for us to know the declarations you want to put on the label – % of natural ingredients, certifications, or others. This will guide us in determining the necessary raw materials right from the beginning of formulating the recipe.

Selecting the appropriate packaging is also a vital aspect – it helps us understand the physical and chemical properties the product should have to ensure it’s not only pleasant to use but also convenient. If you don’t have precisely specified needs in any of the points, you can maintain constant contact with us via email and phone. We’re more than happy to assist you and suggest the best solutions.

Our process – formulating your cosmetic

Once we have a refined concept of your product, our technologists create an individual recipe tailored only for this project. We don’t believe in copying recipes or using them multiple times in different projects. We want each product to be tailor-made and customized for the brand you’re creating and promoting.

Once we’re satisfied with the recipe we’ve created, we’ll send you samples for your review. If you have any feedback on the proposed product, we’ll continue refining it until it meets your expectations. Typically, with the second or third sent sample, we manage to achieve what you envisioned. Upon approval of a sample with a specific number, we can proceed to further stages of collaboration – conducting tests, safety evaluations, and production.