Well-chosen home care may seem to do without the need for additional products, such as face masks. However, there is no doubt that regularly used masks can elevate skincare to a completely different level, and consumers absolutely love them. Face masks have become an integral part of skincare, gaining significant popularity among consumers. According to a study conducted among 3,554 American women, as many as 73% consider the use of masks to be a significant component of their daily skincare routine.

Choice and Availability

The selection of face masks is truly impressive, and availability is easier than ever before. Not only in drugstores but also in supermarkets, discount stores, or even local shops, it is easy to purchase an affordable sachet with a cream mask or a slightly more expensive cult sheet mask. Interestingly, over 80% of respondents agreed that the availability of sheet masks in stores has significantly increased compared to two years ago.

Market Response

Consumer expectations are high, especially regarding the availability of masks in various retail outlets such as beauty stores, supermarkets, and online platforms. At the same time, consumers prefer to obtain information about products both in stores and through social media.

Why Do Customers Buy Masks?

Ingredients, effectiveness, skin experience, and price are key determinants influencing the decision to purchase face masks. Moisturization is undoubtedly the most desired benefit, with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and retinol gaining particular interest. Price unquestionably influences consumer purchasing decisions: it is easier to reach for a mask than any other cosmetic, spending a fraction of the amount one would pay for a cream or lotion. Masks often end up in shopping carts almost incidentally. Larger capacities are chosen less frequently, usually by more loyal customers. Companies often choose not to produce masks in packaging other than single-use sachets.

Effectively Selling Masks

Manufacturers are advised to focus on conveying benefits, attractive prices, and building brand awareness to effectively convince customers to purchase face masks, which are a significant part of modern skincare. Broad product distribution and presence in various sales channels are also essential.

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