In today’s busy world, our skin is exposed daily to a variety of factors that can harm its natural protective barrier, known as the hydrolipidic barrier. This crucial element in skin health is responsible for maintaining proper hydration levels, protecting against external factors, and ensuring the smooth functioning of skin cells. Unfortunately, many of us experience problems related to a damaged hydrolipidic barrier, leading to a range of unpleasant symptoms.

Here are five signs that may indicate damage to this important protective layer of the skin:

Skin cannot retain moisture:

A damaged hydrolipidic barrier is unable to effectively retain water in the skin. This results in dry skin that becomes dull and rough. Hydrating becomes a challenge, despite regular use of skincare products.

Skin feels tight, itchy, dry, or flakes:

Loss of water retention capacity affects the skin’s elasticity, leading to a sensation of tightness and dryness. The skin becomes prone to irritations, and itching and flaking are common companions of a damaged hydrolipidic barrier.

Skin is excessively sensitive and reacts more intensely to common stimuli:

A compromised skin barrier makes the skin more susceptible to various factors, such as chemicals, temperature changes, or environmental pollutants. Allergic reactions or irritations may occur even in response to mild stimuli that previously caused no issues.

Frequent redness and inflammation:

A damaged hydrolipidic barrier makes the skin more prone to inflammation. Redness often appears, and the skin reacts excessively to factors triggering inflammation, potentially leading to the development of slow-healing wounds.

Cosmetic market solutions offer effective strategies to counteract hydrolipidic barrier damage:
Cosmetic products in the market provide effective strategies to counteract hydrolipidic barrier damage. Creating effective products that rebuild the hydrolipidic barrier requires the application of advanced technological solutions and the use of active ingredients such as liposomes, microemulsions, ceramides, probiotics, prebiotics, or modern moisturizing components.

If you want to create a cosmetic product that will revolutionize the market by providing consumers with a reparative remedy for a disrupted hydrolipidic barrier, contact us. Together, we will develop a unique product that meets the market’s expectations and those of your company.