The development of cosmetic brands in Poland is undoubtedly driven by exports. The reputation of Polish cosmetics manufacturers on the international stage is very good. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford promotional activities beyond the country’s borders, such as participation in international trade fairs, due to high costs, and such actions are crucial for further company development.

The Ministry of Development and Technology has prepared a draft document titled “Directions for Foreign Expansion Development”, aimed at developing coherent actions to support Poland’s position internationally. Among the proposed actions are the coordination and coherence of promotional activities of the economy and export support, identifying prospective markets for Polish exports, economic diplomacy in the technological sector, as well as programs promoting the Polish Economy brand and individual sectors, and support for e-export development.

The project also considers the challenges that the administration and entrepreneurs will face and presents a vision for internationalizing the Polish economy and export policy objectives. Planned support covers 15 key sectors, including the cosmetics industry, which will help build Poland’s brand in foreign markets. Exporters from these sectors will be able to count on various forms of support, including grants, training, and promotional activities.

The project also includes a new model for sectoral promotion programs, covering a six-year implementation period and annual participation in the most important global trade events for the respective sector. An important challenge will be to increase promotional activities in the digital world, including on e-commerce platforms and other digital media.

For cosmetics manufacturers, this means a range of opportunities but also challenges. Firstly, increased export opportunities mean greater market availability for their products. By operating on the international stage, manufacturers can increase their profits and develop their companies by tapping into demand beyond Poland’s borders.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities, manufacturers must be competitive not only in terms of the prices of their products but above all in terms of quality and innovation. In this aspect, MG Evolution® stands out: we prioritize practical knowledge and its application in everyday life, therefore, in addition to high-quality laboratories, we offer cooperation with a team of cosmetologists, unlike few others. In our R&D laboratory, we can develop a variety of cosmetic formulas for you, even the most innovative ones, which will help your brand conquer foreign markets. It’s the perfect time to create your dream cosmetic product destined for export.