In today’s beauty industry, the dominant trends are skinification and wellness, which define not only facial skincare but also body care. Ingredient selection is now more conscious, and sustainable development continues to play a crucial role in cosmetics development.

While the concept of wellness is well-known in the industry, the term skinification may raise doubts. Skinification, or “skinifikacja” in Polish, is a trend that involves treating various areas of the body, including hair, scalp, nails, and teeth, with equal care. In Poland, a particularly widespread variant of skinification focuses on scalp care. It’s a technique of scalp care involving the removal of impurities and nurturing the scalp using products containing moisturizing, oxygenating, and nourishing ingredients. However, skinification also applies to other areas. More and more brands are introducing products containing ingredients typically used in facial skincare products. Consumers are increasingly aware of the need to use high-quality ingredients for the care of their entire bodies, ensuring that this trend will undoubtedly continue to develop in the future.

The growing consumer interest in full-body care leads to an increase in demand for products that offer the same level of care as those for the face. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, or niacinamide are now being more frequently used in body care products, providing better moisturization, anti-aging effects, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Similarly, skincare focused on rebuilding the skin’s microbiome is no longer limited to facial cosmetics. Shampoos, conditioners, intimate hygiene products, hand and foot care products increasingly appear on the market, designed to support the skin’s microbiome.

It’s not only about the ingredients but also about the application of intelligent delivery technologies that enhance the effectiveness of body care products. Newer ingredients utilizing these technologies are appearing in the raw material market to provide effective body care.

In summary, trends in the skincare cosmetics industry point to increasing consumer awareness and a growing demand for effective, environmentally friendly products based on advanced technologies, catering not only to facial care but also to the care of the entire body.

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