The year 2023 was intense for the cosmetic industry. In some aspects, it was the year of skinimalism, emphasizing minimalism in skincare. Consumers sought simple and shortened routines, especially post-pandemic, as we returned to normal functioning with less time for elaborate procedures. This movement also stemmed from limiting the use of excessive active ingredients in favor of repairing and protecting the skin barrier.

Rising raw material costs made high-end products even less accessible, prompting a significant consumer group to opt for more affordable skincare, including private-label brands. What were the trends observed in the cosmetic industry in 2023?

Generation Z Speaks Out

Generation Z, a demographic group representing a significant portion of cosmetic consumers, continued to be a focus for the industry, aiming to capture the attention of this young yet discerning consumer group.

Back to Basics

The emphasis on protecting and repairing the skin barrier remained a key element of skincare in 2023. In 2022, the TikTok hashtag #skinbarrier saw a surge from about 300 million to 2.9 billion views. The previous year continued to prioritize skincare to facilitate the restoration of natural renewal processes.

Formula Matters

In 2023, consumers sought new formulations for familiar products. Ease and speed of application became increasingly important. A new era of skincare emerged, including practical stick creams gaining popularity due to simplicity, multifunctionality, and the potential for international recognition.

Offer for Every Skin Type

The world is becoming more diverse each year due to increased communication accessibility, climate changes, and geopolitical shifts leading to more frequent migrations. Cosmetic brands aimed and continue to strive for making melanin-rich skincare more accessible. Collaborations between the scientific and cosmetic industries are becoming more common to create effective and safe products for every skin type.

Impact of Stress on Skin

It’s a widely known fact that stress affects the skin. Scientific research in 2023 focused on the impact of skincare products on providing relief during stressful situations. Brands consistently work on products not only improving skin condition but also offering immediate relief to sensitive skin, a prevalent issue in contemporary times.

What other trends in the cosmetic industry were observed last year? Will 2024 be a continuation or a reversal of these trends? We leave these questions open for discussion and encourage further exploration.