The MG Evolution®️ Cosmetics Factory, owned by Dr. Żaneta Gortat-Stanisławska and Marcin Gortat, has challenged the cosmetics industry by presenting in 2023 what innovations, global standards, state-of-the-art production facilities, and research and development mean.

In 2023, we commenced full-scale cosmetics production in our factory, offering products of the highest quality thanks to a modern machinery park and relying on the expertise and knowledge of professionals in the cosmetics industry. We achieved our main goal, which was to start contract manufacturing characterized by great flexibility and comprehensive customer care, starting from even the boldest idea to the final product that meets expectations. In this process, the knowledge and skills of the team are utilized, where work is a passion, and each formula is treated individually as a new challenge. The R&D laboratory also has its physico-chemical department, enabling the monitoring of product stability from the very beginning. The year 2023 was rich in exceptional events:

World Cosmetic Industry Congress

We had the great honor of being the honorary host at the prestigious World Cosmetic Industry Congress, during which we had the opportunity to share our unique “love story” with the cosmetics industry. We sincerely thank the organizers for the invitation and trust, and all participants for inspiring words, support, and an excellent time spent together.

Open Day at the factory

The Open Day at our factory brought countless opportunities for exchanging experiences and inspiring conversations with industry experts. We are pleased that you appreciated the production facilities and other buildings of the factory presented on that day. Thank you for such immense interest, which exceeded our wildest expectations. We appreciate the numerous questions answered by our irreplaceable specialists and all the words of appreciation from you.

Commencement of collaboration with Dr. hab. Prof. SUM Sławomir Wilczyński

In the closing year, we started many inspiring and promising collaborations, among which a new project stands out, which we have the honor to create with Dr. hab. Prof. SUM Sławomir Wilczyński. This is an original and innovative project that combines the world of science with business, and technological knowledge is supported by market experience. It will be a milestone on a global scale that will change the face of the cosmetics industry and introduce new standards in terms of quality, effectiveness, and sustainable development.

Inaugural Meeting of the Business Partnership Consortium

We end the year with another exceptional event, the Inaugural Meeting of the Business Partnership Consortium at the Warsaw University of Engineering and Health, during which MG Evolution®️ became a consortium member on December 7, 2023, and Monika Agacińska – Contract Manufacturing Manager at MG Evolution®️, became a member of the Consortium’s Scientific Council.

Although 2023 is coming to an end, we feel that it is just the beginning – a brief warm-up for what awaits us in 2024.