Last week, on Thursday, MG Evolution®️ had the pleasure of participating in the ceremonial Inaugural Session of the Business Partnership Consortium at the Warsaw University of Engineering and Health.

During this session, there was a presentation of the members and an indication of common areas of cooperation. The main goal of the Consortium is to create a platform that enables the development of norms for collaboration between the scientific and business sectors. MG Evolution®️, which became a consortium member on December 7, 2023, is showcasing another aspect of its activities, namely, its involvement in the implementation of pioneering and innovative initiatives. Monika Agacińska, Contract Production Manager, represented MG Evolution®️ at the event and became a member of the Consortium’s Scientific Council on behalf of MG Evolution®️.

Thanks to our infrastructure and appropriately specialized staff, MG Evolution®️ has the opportunity to collaborate with institutions such as the Warsaw University of Engineering and Health, GBA POLSKA, Łukasiewicz – Institute of Industrial Chemistry named after Professor Ignacy Mościcki, and CosMedChem Tomasz Wasilewski to create unique projects.

We sincerely thank the other members, Pollena-Aroma, Provital, Miraculum S.A., for the pleasant conversation.

We wish the best for joint efforts, which, thanks to the association of three dimensions: knowledge, material resources, and executive power, are bound for success.