Scaling up the production of cosmetics at the MG Evolution® factory involves not only transferring the manufacturing process from the laboratory to a production scale but also a crucial step in ensuring the repeatability, quality, and efficiency of the entire production process. This practice, widely employed in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic facilities, has its undeniable advantages.

Maintaining Proportions and Reproducibility

When transferring processes to a production scale, maintaining appropriate proportions and reproducibility of laboratory results becomes crucial. It is not just a matter of scale but also precision. Mixers and homogenizers must be carefully chosen to ensure ideal conditions during production. This guarantees that each batch of the product adheres to the established formulation while maintaining high quality.

Pilot Scale as an Intermediate Step

Conducting a technological process on a pilot scale is extremely important. Here, using mixers of medium capacity, parameters can be precisely adjusted for larger-scale production. Factors such as temperature, ingredient dosing, and mixing time all influence the final product. This practice minimizes production losses and ensures the uniformity and stability of the preparation.

Mixers – Key Tools on the Road to Scaling Up

The use of appropriate mixers, such as MZUTL 2, during the implementation of the technological formula plays a crucial role. This compact device allows for cost reduction in developing new formulations while remaining consistent with solutions applied on a larger production scale. Their consistency in applied solutions eliminates difficulties in transferring production to a larger scale.

Scaling up the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations is not just about changing the scale but ensuring continuity, quality, and production efficiency. It is a step that requires precision and strategy. Urliński’s solutions, supporting scale-up principles, play a key role in this process, enabling a smooth transition of the process from the laboratory to the production line.