On April 17th, the first edition of the COSMETICON Conference took place, of which we had the honor and pleasure to be the Main Partner.

The COSMETICON Conference is a key event in the cosmetics industry and a source of professional knowledge in the fields of law, safety, quality, and innovation in the cosmetics industry.

During the conference, there was a lecture by Dr. hab. Prof. SUM Sławomir Wilczyński titled “COSMETICS OF THE FUTURE – A NEW APPROACH TO SKIN CARE IN THE ERA OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND AIR POLLUTION.”

The presentation addressed the necessity of protecting the skin from a wide range of electromagnetic radiation, including infrared radiation, and the risks associated with air pollution. The professor presented an innovative approach to skincare that protects against these harmful influences while also minimizing the need for multiple products, thanks to its broad spectrum of action.

We sincerely thank the organizers of the COSMETICON Conference, Professor Sławomir Wilczyński for the lecture on behalf of MG Evolution®️ Cosmetics Factory, and all the participants.