The basis of a successful end product is high-quality raw material. MG Evolution® emphasizes quality, proven sources, and sustainable development. Therefore, we would like to share with you our approach to collaboration with reputable raw material suppliers.

Quality, tradition, and experience

For MG Evolution®, collaborating with reputable raw material suppliers is a key element of success. The suppliers’ extensive experience, tradition, and commitment to producing raw materials at the highest level ensure that we receive products of the highest quality. Trust in partners who have been in the market for many years allows us to deliver products that meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Pursuit of innovation and trends

By collaborating with established suppliers, we also have access to the latest trends and innovations in the cosmetic industry. Our renowned raw material sources have the means to continuously research and develop new ingredients that align with current trends in skincare. This enables us to offer products that not only maintain a high standard of quality but also follow the latest beauty trends.

Complete documentation for seamless production

Using raw materials from proven suppliers also means that we have complete documentation (dossier) for each raw material. This is crucial as it allows us to obtain various declarations, enabling flexible use of raw materials in different types of products. Our cosmetics can be tailored to various needs, meeting even the most rigorous standards for different types of products such as vegan or halal.

Our commitment to collaborating with reputable raw material suppliers means quality you can trust, innovations in line with the latest trends, and sustainable development that emphasizes our concern for the planet. We are proud to deliver cosmetics that not only enhance your beauty but also care for the beauty of our world.