What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of goods that you must order for us to fulfill your order for the desired cosmetic?

Let’s start from the beginning…

If you want to create your own product, we will ask you to fill out a product form – available on our website document, which will significantly speed up the work on the cosmetic and also precisely show us the outline and your idea of how the product should look.

After receiving the completed form, our experts will analyze your needs and propose appropriate solutions. The information contained in the product form will help us create a design tailored to your preferences – from color to scent and form, whether it’s classic or innovative.
When we have refined the concept of your product, our technologists will create an individual recipe that will be used only in this project. If the finalized recipe satisfies you, we will proceed to discuss the next steps, including MOQ.

I want to make a cream – how many pieces do I need to order at minimum?

The minimum production quantities we can offer you start from as low as 30 kg. With a minimum quantity of 30 kg of mass, we give you incredible flexibility in creating smaller batches of cosmetics. This is the perfect solution for small companies that do not want to invest a large budget in one-time orders. Additionally, we are able to package the product in packaging of your choice, from jars, bottles to tubes.

How many pieces can we prepare for you at a minimum? It all depends on the capacity of the created cosmetic. If you opt for a minimum batch of 30 kg and choose a capacity of 50 ml, it’s easy to calculate by dividing 30 kg (30,000 g) by 50, which equals 600 pieces of cosmetics that you commit to ordering.

Similarly – if you decide on a larger batch (it could even be 1000 kg), let’s say 200 kg, and choose a capacity of 100 ml, it’s easy to calculate by dividing 200 kg (20,000 g) by 100, which equals 200 pieces of cosmetics that you commit to ordering.

In the further stages, we will discuss the purchase of necessary raw materials and packaging, and then the production of the mass and packaging. The product in its final packaging is tested for compliance with physicochemical and microbiological requirements, after which it is ready for distribution.

We are here for you. We approach each customer very individually, so we are ready to listen to every one of your ideas, visions, and expectations. We will do our best to tailor the form of cooperation to you as much as possible.